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Casper now "Otis"

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

When I came across images of my dog (Otis) online the day after he arrived to the shelter, it shook me. The feeling of brokenness was visible in not only his warm colored eyes, but his overall movement and body language. His skin was blistered, his head hung low, his spirit defeated.

I was extremely fortunate to be connected to Marina and Mackenzie over at Love At First Mutt after reaching out to the shelter to offer my help and interest in fostering him. Between LAFM and the shelter coordinator - we acted fast to get Otis pulled and into a safe environment. Marina and Mackenzie tirelessly orchestrated everything; from picking Otis up from the shelter, to purchasing all the proper supplies/food needed, to even delivering him personally to my resistance. They kept me informed throughout the whole process as well as setting up all needed post vet trips, payments, and even referring me to a local dog walker to come by during the days I’m away for work.

Their efforts and consistent professionalism are surprisingly not the main reasons why I continue to refer them to all protectional foster and adoptive parents. On a much more personal level, their character and loyalty are dedicated towards these mistreated souls and those nourishing vibes come across very clearly. Be assured that when you decide to work with these lovely women, you’re working as a unit with a one common goal.

Thank you Marina & Mackenzie for having mine & Otis’ back. Continue doing exactly what you’re doing because your efforts matter in so many ways.


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