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Our adoption process is simple and straightforward.  


  1. The first step when wanting to adopt is filling out an adoption application. 

  2. Once approved, we can answer any questions you may have regarding the dog.

  3. We will choose an applicant whose lifestyle is most suitable for that dog and then proceed with a meet & greet. If the meet & greet goes well, you’ll be able to take your new dog home with you! We may do a homecheck the same day or at a later date. Some dogs will require a slower introduction and a longer meet and greet process.

A Few More Details

All applicants must be at least 18 years of age to adopt, please have a valid government issued ID ready and available. Our adoption donation fees are $450 for a dog over 12 months of age, $550 for puppies 6 months and up and $650 for puppies 6 months and under. Dogs will be spayed/neutered, up to date on DHPP and rabies vaccine, and microchipped as part of the adoption fee. Since we are a foster based rescue, all of our adoptable dogs are in foster homes and a meet & greet would need to be scheduled to meet an adoptable dog. Donation fees are used to rescue, foster, and rehabilitate (when applicable) the dog you are personally adopting, and help us continue to rescue and rehabilitate other deserving dogs in need. Donation fees are necessary; without donation fees, our rescue efforts would quickly come to an end. If you are interested in adopting one of our dogs please complete our online application.

Ready to Adopt? Fill out our Adoption Application

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